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    It is a well-established fact that emergency responders and military personnel have chosen to work in stressful professions.  

    Even though well equipped to cope with the stress associated with their profession; over time, collective exposure to trauma, stress and critical incidents take their toll on their physical health, mental health and relationships.

    Resilience Counseling was formed specifically to meet the psychological needs of public safety personnel, military, medical staff and their families.

    We partner with directly with agencies to ensure the well-being of their first responders. Our teams are available 24/7 to respond to critical incidents, debrief emergency personnel and improve the likelihood that they will be ready to return to work without delay.

    Our clinicians offer a unique blend of understanding, experience and education.

    We can identify with the situations, circumstances and needs of those we work with because we have experienced it first hand.

    We know what it takes to be resilient and survive!

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